Next-generation approaches for nanomaterial human and environmental safety assessment: Results from the PATROLS project

The PATROLS project is coming to an end and we are looking forward to share the results with you. Join us September 21st to discover the next-generation approaches for nanomaterial human and environmental safety assessment that were created by the project. The meeting will cover the different outcomes and innovations produced by PATROLS. As well as how these tools will minimise the necessity of animal testing and will support future categorisation of ENMs in order to support safety framework.


  • 10:00 – 10:10 Introduction, Shareen Doak (SU) / Hildegard Luhmann (ERS)
  • 10:10 – 10:40 Project Vision & Achievements, Shareen H. Doak (SU)
  • 10:40 – 12:10
    • Topic 1: Physicochemical hazard concern phenomena with specific focus on dissolution and hydrochemical reactivity, Anna Costa (CNR-ISTEC)
    • Topic 2: Biodistribution, key adverse effects & mechanistic events caused by realistic ENM exposure, Flemming Cassee (RIVM)
      • Biodistribution of ENMs in rodents- PATROLS case studies – Ilse Gosens (RIVM) / Trine Berthing (NRCWE)
    • Topic 3: Advanced multi-cellular in vitro human pulmonary models for ENM hazard assessment, Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser (AMI) & Martin Clift (SU)
      • Advanced in vitro lung models and exposure approaches; focus on systems
      • Developing in vitro lung systems for ENM hazard assessment
      • Lessons learned and take home messages
  • 12:10 – 13:10 LUNCH BREAK
  • 13:10 – 14:40
    • Topic 4: Advanced multi-cellular in vitro human gastro-intestinal tract and liver models for ENM hazard assessment, Vicki Stone (HWU)
    • Topic 5: Advanced cross-species & ecotoxicity bioassays, Martina Vijver (UL)
      • Early warning biomarkers in zebrafish larvae and the extrapolation to the mammalian cell line work, Charles Tyler (EXETER)
    • Topic 6: An in silico toolbox for hazard prediction of ENM chronic effects, Lang Tran (IOM)
      • Ivive and In Silico Modelling Strategies for Hazard Assessment, Lang Tran (IOM)
  • 14:40 – 15:00 COFFEE BREAK
  • 15:00 – 15:45 Stakeholder Engagement & Project Legacy, Sean Kelly (NIA)
    • SOP handbook overview, Marina Moser (NRCWE)
    • Industrial and societal impact
      • Barbara Birk & Wendel Wohlleben (BASF)
      • Wolfgang Moritz (InSphero)
      • Roland Grafstrom / Vesa Hongisto (Misvik)
      • Natalie Burden (NC3Rs)
  • 15:45 – 16:00 Closing statements, Shareen Doak (SU)
  • 16:00 CLOSE

The online event is open to all and free to attend.

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